Angels Of Ares

Invest. Earn. Build.

An elite guild of investors, creators, developers, artists, gamers, and degens. Here to utilize Algorand technology to provide play-to-earn opportunities as well as investment opportunities to the general web3 community.

What We Do

We Invest.

  • Alchemon Cryptotrees AlgoLeagues Aavegotchi
  • Investments are the core of our mission. Maintaining revenue sources for development of the project and the benefit of its holders, while also supporting other projects and uplifting them in their journey alongside us.

We Reward.

  • Our Angel Wings NFT provides weekly revenue drops allocated from our overall project income.
  • LP providers receive daily $ALGO drops at 25% APR.

We Create.

  • The Fallen Order. A collection of smart NFTs, acting as a subguild to AoA. Stake, equip, battle, earn, vote.
  • Ghost Token. For the memes of course.

Angel Wings NFT

This NFT represents a share of revenue allocated from all aspects of the Angels Of Ares ecosystem.

It also represents one vote for members holding this NFT, who are also part of the Divine Council, the internal group responsible for progression of the project.

Artwork by BeanNFT